Wealth engineering

Do you recognise yourself in your investment portfolio?
Which investments are keeping you awake?
What would you like to know now from your wealth manager?

For wealth managers too the zero moment of truth has come

You want to understand what happens in your investment portfolio. When you want to, and how you want to

This is the moment in which you regain control of your fortune


We ensure that the investment policy in your portfolio reflects your objectives and constraints, your tolerance and aversion to risk. Not the wish list of your asset manager who as your "contractor" is all too willing to check only his boxes.

We design the checks and balances that will assure you remain the client-in-control.


We independently evaluate the design of your portfolio. Does it fit in with the rest of your estate, next to your direct investments, insurance or real estate? Or does it come straight of the shelf of your asset manager?

We examine the stability and robustness of your investment portfolio.


We exploit the strengths of your current wealth managers. Where necessary, we enhance your portfolio's foundations with dedicated specialists or closed-end funds.

We draft the technical terms of reference and the fees & expenses clauses in your tenders for asset managers.


We critically quantify where your managers add value and where not - within the terms of your investment policy. We assess management for style drift, hidden costs or violations of the "building plan".

We keep you informed when and in the manner you require.


We enable a level playing field dialogue with your asset managers by translating the complexity of their metier in the language you care to speak.

We draft a cheat sheet with the questions you ought to ask your managers - on costs and risks, alpha, beta and the other Greeks. Or we ask those questions on your behalf.


Undoubtedly you will have other specific questions concerning what manager X delivers - and the latent defects thereof. We perform these analyses too.

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