Do you still own your own wealth?

Do you share the feeling that you have lost all control over your money as soon as you handed it over to your wealth manager? That you have become a supplier of raw material to the manager, for him to do his thing and just that.

Your views or opinions seem to not really matter.  As a result your portfolio does not reflect your ideas and convictions. 

Say you share the view that digitalization is a irreversible fact that affects the entire economy and society, and that you would like to see it reflected in your investment portfolio. Are you satisfied that your wealth manager includes Google and Microsoft, or would you rather include companies that offer new disruptive technology? Or include those companies that are really responding to the fundamental changes in society. How do you feel about the stalwart traditional companies that are blind to these developments and might well turn into dinosaurs, but continue to be a firm fixture in most portfolios. A striking example of this is an investor, also electronics engineer, who suggests his wealth manager to buy Tesla early on.  All he sees is the price of Tesla rocketing without being included in his portfolio. Moreover the manager starts buying the stock when the Tesla hype is at its top.

Shouldn’t you, as an investor, not have more impact in how your portfolio is constructed and not just be sidelined?

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Gerrit Verlodt