"every trade has its clever mechanics"

— James Joyce, Finnegans Wake

We assist public authorities, corporations, financial institutions,
investors, and not-for-profit organisations
where strategy, finance and organisation meet

1 Strategy

How does your firm or organisation look from the outside in, and from the inside out? In 3 years? In 30 years?

We guide you towards the ideas that work, prioritise the initiatives that are long-term favourable to your core and deselect the unfit ones

  • We develop strategy roadmaps for authorities, firms and not-for-profit organisations

  • We provide policymakers and investors with (macro)economic analyses — with a focus on resource management and climate change, government debt and taxation

We put the numbers in your strategy and behind your organisation

We have a strong background in asset and risk management, corporate finance, and valuation

  • We value investment projects and companies, intangible assets or intellectual property rights

  • We help design and assess funding and monetisation strategies. We calculate return on investment 

  • We advise on wealth engineering
3 Organisation

We coach organisations and their leaders in designing and managing the governance that fits their purpose

We assist with mergers and change of firms and not-for-profit organisations 

  • We are guided by three organisation design principles:

    Fit for purpose — organograms derive from strategy. Form follows function

    Incentives (and information) matter

    Organisations are built around people, not the other way around

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